Thomas & Thomas LLP | Winter
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Nonprofit Observer – Winter 2017

Volunteers are a valuable financial asset – Here’s how to hold on to them

It’s estimated that the value of the average American volunteer is more than $23 an hour. Whether an organization’s entire workforce is unpaid or it relies on a few dedicated volunteers to support its paid staff, nonprofits can’t afford to lose these treasures. This article provides tips on how to hold on to them. A sidebar suggests ways to improve volunteer surveys.

Why cloud computing makes sense for most nonprofits

Cloud computing promises nonprofits lower technology costs and greater efficiency and productivity. This article explains how cloud services work — including how they provide enhanced security and privacy — and what qualities to look for when selecting a cloud computing vendor.

Timekeeping doesn’t have to be a burden

Federal and state law and the requirements of private and public funders make timekeeping necessary for many nonprofits. But even those that aren’t obligated to track and allocate employee time can benefit from good timekeeping practices. This article discusses why timekeeping matters and suggests ways to make the process less burdensome.

Other nonprofits are hiring – should yours?

Most U.S. nonprofits are seeking new staff, but plenty of organizations are still hesitating to add employees to the payroll. This short article helps nonprofits decide whether they should hire by posing three questions: “Do you need more staffers?” “Do you have the money?” and “Is outsourcing an option?”