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Nonprofit Observer – Winter 2018

Making sure your board reflects your constituency

Nonprofit boards need to reflect the people and interests they serve, as well as their local communities. This may require recruiting new members from diverse racial, economic, religious and other backgrounds. This article discusses the need for greater board diversity and provides tips on finding new members. A sidebar asks whether statistics match the stated desire of nonprofit leaders for greater board diversity.

Accounting matters – Keep the heart of your nonprofit beating

Programming or fundraising departments may be more obviously linked to a nonprofit’s mission. But accounting ensures that the whole organization runs well and remains healthy. This article suggests ways to make the accounting function more efficient. These include setting submission cutoffs, creating distribution cover sheets and maximizing software use.

To preserve their tax status, associations must observe limits

Nonprofit trade associations, or 501(c)(6) organizations, exist to promote their members’ common interests and improve business conditions or “one or more lines of interest.” When they fail to do so, their activities may trigger unrelated business income tax or even threaten the association’s tax-exempt status. This article examines the issue.

Don’t let unemployment insurance fleece your nonprofit

States collect billions of dollars from employers in overpaid unemployment tax. To learn whether they’re overpaying, nonprofits might perform periodic audits of benefit statements. They should also feel free to appeal claims decisions made by their state agency and, as this article suggests, consider becoming a “reimbursing employer.”

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