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Nonprofit Observer – Summer 2017

Recipe for success – Attracting nonprofit execs with creative compensation mixes

The IRS’s reasonable compensation rule sometimes may seem like an obstacle to attracting and retaining qualified and effective nonprofit executives. But creative compensation packages can help. This article suggests offering executives, in addition to salary, retirement-related benefits such as a 457(b) plan, performance-based bonuses and work/life balance perks like telecommuting and flexible schedules. A sidebar takes up the question, “Should you pay board members?”.

Should your nonprofit act as a fiscal sponsor?

With a fiscal sponsorship, an established 501(c)(3) organization assumes responsibility for a nonexempt group’s charitable project. This article explains what that responsibility involves and how sponsorships can benefit fledgling nonprofits and sponsors. It also warns against possible risks to the sponsor’s finances and reputation.

Data analytics provides solutions to myriad nonprofit challenges

Data analytics is already considered invaluable in the for-profit world, but it can be just as useful to nonprofits. This article explains how this type of business intelligence enables informed decision making, including how data is collected. It also provides tips on purchasing a data analytics package.

How private foundations can avoid accusations of self-dealing

Conflict-of-interest policies are critical for all nonprofits. But private foundations are subject to stricter rules and must go further to avoid anything that might be perceived as self-dealing. This article describes prohibited activities and whom the IRS considers “disqualified” persons.


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