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Nonprofit Observer – Spring 2017

From $0 to $2 million – 3 traits of growth-oriented nonprofits

This article discusses the results of a 2016 study of nonprofits that achieve early-stage success. The study found that organizations that grow from concept to $2 million-plus in revenues generally share three traits: strong teamwork, impact-oriented performance measures and access to capital.

How ethical is your organization? Be sure to document it

Every nonprofit needs a formal code of ethics to ensure its supporters understand its values and the policies that uphold them. This article explains how to identify organizational values, document policies and communicate them to staff and board members. A sidebar provides resources for ethical fundraising.

Find corporate sponsors for your special event

For any successful fundraiser, individual participants and donors are only half the equation. Corporate sponsors are the other half. This article makes five suggestions for finding and keeping corporate sponsors — including “pursue every opportunity” and “offer value and options.”

Facilitating a smooth independent audit

Preparing for and accommodating an independent audit can be stressful for nonprofit staffers. But, as this article relates, understanding the process and making the right records available can help ensure that everyone is comfortable with the audit and its results.